MEMO Timer 20
MEMO Timer 20
MEMO Timer 20

MEMO Timer 20

  • MEMO Timer is a time aid that provides a visual picture of how time passes
  • A time pillar reinforces the sense of how time is reduced
  • The child does not need to understand concepts such as minutes, talk dots instead
  • With a light pressure, the child starts the timer himself
  • MEMO timer is waterproof and hangs well visible in the shower
  • The time pillar that gets shorter and shorter gives the child an opportunity to prepare for the fact that it is soon time to stop showering
  • The sound signal at the end of the time, the child can participate and choose
  • MEMO Timer is robust and fits all everyday activities, indoors and outdoors
  • The LEDs adjust their brightness to the ambient light
  • Bring MEMO Timer in all activities; slides easily into the pocket, easy to hang up

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MEMO Timer is a visual timer that makes time more concrete through its clear time pillar that shows time as a quantity. Lights that go out as time counts down provide clear information about the course of time. Soon only half the time remains. At the end of the timer, you can select an audible signal or just let the timer vibrate or flash. Colour markings for different amounts of time make it easier to talk about time, and to link colour and amount of time to different activities. MEMO Timer is a high-quality medical technology product. You can include it in all your daily activities and environments. It easily slides down into your pocket, or can be hung around your neck. It is shock and water resistant, and can handle both the shower and outdoor activities.

MEMO Timer can make it easier to not sit too long at the breakfast table, and to focus on getting ready in the bathroom, so that you get to school on time. With MEMO Timer, your child is given preparation time for activities. Rather than a morning filled with nagging, it becomes a lovely start to the entire family's day.

MEMO Timer gives a visual representation of time, making something which otherwise is invisible, visible! Time is an abstract concept so learning it can be difficult for many people, when someone says half an hour, what does that mean? How do we feel that half an hour has passed? MEMO Timer allows you to get a quick and easy visual track of the time, allowing it to become accessible.

MEMO Timer displays the time as LED’s that go out as the time passes, when the timer is finished the display LEDs will flash; this can be accompanied by an auditory signal or a tactile vibrate option.

MEMO Timer is waterproof so it can be used in the bathroom or outside, whatever the weather.

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MEMO Timer is available in four versions:
MEMO Timer 8 shows time in 2, 4, 6, 8 minutes ( 500150)
MEMO Timer 20 shows time in 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes ( 500155)
MEMO Timer 60 shows time in 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes ( 500160)
MEMO Timer 80 shows time in 20, 40, 60, 80 minutes ( 500165)

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MEMO Timer 20
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